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Pick PT is dedicated to evidence based practices for optimum success and healing. If you are looking for a physical therapist in the Idaho Falls area we have two convenient locations. One office is on the west side near Walmart run by Trevor Dimond, and the other office is near Costco just north of Ammon owned by Cordell Pickering. 

Our physical therapists are passionate about serving athletes in sports medicine, treating balance issues, post surgical recovery and back pain. The motto at Pick PT is to help you live an elevated life and live life moving!

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How to Get The Best Results From Physical Therapy

Call our office to see which physical therapist will best meet your specific treatment needs. We want to make sure that we pair you with a therapist that will be the best fit for you in personality as well as specialty. 

When you come, wear clothes like you would wear to workout in. They should be loose, not restrictive, and comfortable. Don’t forget to wear supportive shoes. If you wear a brace or sling, bring that with you as well. It can be recommended to take a pain reliever before your appointment to help you feel more relaxed during and after the appointment. It is common to feel sore after a visit. 

We accept most insurances, but it is always wise to contact your insurance beforehand to get approved.

Maintaining Success After Physical Therapy

Listen to the professionals. Physical therapists are experts in their field, and if they ask you to do something it is with your best interests in mind. 

Come to appointments as often as they recommend, and take advantage of the customized home exercise program provided for you.

How to Prepare for Your Physical Therapy Appointment

After all of the hard work and progress made during physical therapy, it will likely take some work on your part to maintain your range of motion, stay pain-free, and ward off future injury. We recommend continuing your home exercise program regularly to sustain your strength. Get out and don’t be afraid to enjoy life doing the things you love most. Continuing to move your body regularly will be the best line of defense against a relapse.

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Trust PickPT in Idaho Falls

You can trust our office to treat you well. We have many satisfied patients who have shared positive reviews of their experience in our facilities. Pick PT is like a big family. We love working together, and we love getting to know our patients too. We look forward to seeing you progress through your program, and get back to living the life you love as soon as possible. With multiple office locations, we are sure to get you an appointment in a timely manner so as not to delay your recovery and healing process.


What type of treatments do you offer?

Our main treatments include back and neck physical therapy, balance & dizziness rehabilitation, post-op therapy, sports medicine, and more. View all our treatments here.

Will I need a referral for my visit?

Idaho is a direct access state meaning that most individuals can access physical therapy without a doctor referral. However, some insurance carriers require you to have a referral for the visits to be covered through your insurance. If you are unsure whether you will need a referral or not, call us and we are happy to help by getting in contact with your insurance.

Will my visits be covered through insurance?

We are contracted and in-network with many insurance providers for you to receive contractual agreement discounts. What you have to pay for your physical therapy visits will depend on your insurance coverage.  You may need to pay copays or meet a deductible. There is cash pay options for those without insurance coverage.
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Dr. Pickering was absolutely amazing. From the first visit I felt that I was going to progress. I had herniated a disc in my back. I was concerned that I would not be able to compete in my sports anymore or live the active life that I love. It was not always easy but Dr. Pickering offered encouragement and support and provided a plan that allowed us to work together towards healing. I am now grateful to live life moving again! I would highly recommend Pick PT to all my family and friends!


Dr. Wray and the staff at Pick PT are great. I looked forward to every visit, knowing I was getting stronger and learning what I needed to stay healthy long term. Everyone there was friendly and encouraging. I recommend them to everyone I know who even thinks about needing physical therapy. For myself, I look forward to never having to go back again, but if I do, I know I'll be in good hands.


Oh my flipping heck I love Pick PT!! It’s literally the greatest oh my heck!!! All the staff are amazing and you feel loved and supported!! They are also super funny and easy going and you just feel so happy after being around them. Pro tip— go on Fridays I had been having knee pain for years in one knee and months in the other and therapy took way less time than I thought it would! I feel so good! It’s cool to not always feel pain Choose Pick PT they are the best


Dillon Wray truly cares about helping his patients get their mobility back. He is right by your side as soon as you walk in the door. He has helped me with my back pain and could always tell how I was feeling just my watching me! He has given me great tools to help me continue getting stronger at home. Everyone in the office is so friendly and makes you feel like family! I recommend Pick PT to everyone I talk to!


Ever since I began seeing Dr Pickering, my life has turned right side up. I can get up, move around freely, and play with my little baby. That means everything to me. Being a new mom, attending college, and the assistant manager of a well established restaurant, I carry a lot of stress and fatigue in my shoulders, back and hips. I’ve been in debilitating pain since month 3 postpartum. As you can imagine, it’s very discouraging and depressing. The need and desire to pick up my beautiful baby, but unable to play, cuddle, and love because every move I make, is unbearable. I tried at home therapies, weeks of chiropractic therapy. Nothing helped. Dr. Pickering knows what he’s doing, and he will not rest until he figures out what exactly it is that is triggering your pain. I recommend him 10/10. Thank you for giving me my life and freedom back!


I was experiencing debilitating back pain for over a month. I went to East Idaho Spine in Rexburg, I was going to be scheduled for an MRI but in the meantime was referred to start physical therapy at Pick PT in Rexburg. Within just a couple of visits I was doing much better and within a week I was up and back to normal activities, no MRI necessary. I've never had physical therapy but this was one of the best experiences I've had in regards to my health and well-being. I would highly recommend this office and staff for their professional, knowledgeable and compassionate service. Make an appointment with Dillon Wray, he is wonderful!


Pick PT is awesome! Everyone there is so friendly and easy going. They all make you feel welcome and comfortable. I hurt my knee playing basketball and was having problems doing pretty regular activities. They had me feeling confident and active again in only a few weeks. Lastly, I always had fun while I was there! Thanks a ton!


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