Our staff can provide a wide variety of physical therapy services. We can help with everything from a sprained ankle or chronic headaches to the most complex sports injury or challenging surgical recovery. 

The list of services includes but is not limited to: 

  • Back and Neck pain
  • Balance/Dizziness
  • Sports/Weight Lifting
  • Orthopedics
  • Manual Therapy
  • Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Joint strengthening
  • Acute/Chronic Pain
  • Hand/Wrist PT
  • Personal and Auto-injury
  • Workers Comp Rehab Services

Here is a little more information on the things we treat.

Sports Medicine

Most of our therapists have been athletes themselves and are all very passionate about helping other athletes of various ages and different sports. We care about our communities and think that enjoying local sporting events and participating in those pastimes is an important part of living an elevated life. When it comes to sports medicine, we can help at every stage. We can help athletes wanting to improve their abilities. We can treat injuries and help rehabilitate a wide variety of problems. We can also work to not only regain what may have been lost as a result of injury, but can set goals for stronger muscles, increased endurance, and so much more. This includes recreational activities such as skiing or hiking as well as fitness injuries from weight lifting, running, etc.

Back Pain

Everyone will experience back pain at some point in their life. Sometimes it is caused by an accident, moving at just the wrong angle, or from lack of core strength as we get older. Whatever the cause of your back pain might be, physical therapy is a great solution. Physical therapy is very strength focused, and in order to have long term relief from back pain, it is essential to increase strength in the core muscles for added support. We use our backs all day every day, so they need to be well cared for. Living with chronic back pain does not have to be your only option.

idaho falls physical therapy back and neck pain

Vestibular Disorders

If you are not familiar with the term vestibular, it is often manifest with symptoms related to loss of balance or dizzy spells. Vertigo is considered a vestibular disorder. The problem stems from the ear, which is a complex collection of bone and cartilage. These types of issues can happen at any age, but are especially problematic in older people when falling becomes more of a risk.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain includes treatment for headaches. No matter what area of your body is in pain, we would love to have a consultation to see if physical therapy could be a solution for you. We would love to be able to help and avoid resorting to pain pills that could lead to addiction and dependence.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

At Pick PT, we will do our best to prevent surgery. However, sometimes surgery is necessary and the best option. Joint replacement surgery is a common thing that we rehabilitate. If you have recently had surgery, and are looking for a physical therapist to help you quickly regain ground, please call us! 

If you have a question about whether we can help you with a specific treatment not listed here, please contact our office and we will be happy to direct you.

Preventative Measures

Often people think of physical therapy as a rehabilitation solution after an injury or surgery takes place, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Physical therapy can be used to prevent injury or surgery by strengthening weak muscles and joints, improving endurance and agility.

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