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Most Common Causes

Elbow problems come with everyday use, overuse, or injury. Pain can come from sports like golf or tennis as well as a wide variety of daily activities like gardening or using hand tools. Common causes of elbow osteoarthritis, dislocations, golfers’ elbow, tennis elbow, and sprains. Elbow pain can also be caused by weakness in the shoulder or problems in the neck. It is important to see a doctor or doctor of physical therapist to get help with your elbow pain.


Do forearm strengthening exercises to help prevent elbow pain. Make sure to use good form whenever you are doing exercises and if your form isn’t good, be sure to work on improving your form. Warm up before exercising. Use proper fitting equipment.

What to Do

If you are experiencing elbow pain, it is important to rest the elbow and ice it. Take anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce and pain or swelling. Going to a doctor of physical therapy to diagnosis your elbow pain will also help you to be able to properly treat your pain and if not they will be able to refer you to the appropriate doctor if needed. Physical Therapy will greatly benefit you as they can help determine if your pain is coming from the elbow or radiating from elsewhere.

Hurtful Activities

Trying to participate in activities that you are not conditioned for will put you at risk for elbow injury. When conditioning for these activities, if you do not practice proper technique, you are putting yourself at risk. It is also important to stretch the muscles that act on the elbow often. If the activity you are participating in requires equipment, do not use equipment that is too large for you.

What Pick PT can do for you

If you are experiencing elbow pain, Physical Therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation as well as strengthening the area before you return to activity.  A Physical Therapist will use manual therapy to help decrease your symptoms. They will target the muscles that are weak in the area and strengthen them. They will also teach you exercises to stretch your muscles that are tight. If you go to Physical Therapy, you will minimize your chances of future injury. At Pick PT we also specialize in dry needling, which have proved to help with elbow pain. At Pick PT not only will you receive the treatment you need for your elbow,  you’ll also enjoy your time at our clinics.