Postpartum Rehabilitation

Women’s health is a specialized area of physical therapy that can encompass A LOT of different diagnoses throughout a woman’s lifespan. At Pick PT, we have clinicians specifically trained in pre-/postpartum rehab in order to keep you strong and safe throughout your pregnancy!

Importance of Pre/Postpartum Rehab

While bringing a child into this world can bring indescribable joy, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. It is very common among pregnant women to have mild to severe complaints of low back pain, joint pain, and fatigue in addition to the hormonal changes that can bring about a montage of symptoms. After all, you’re carrying a growing baby that requires A LOT of nutrients and minerals from YOUR body in order to thrive. Physical Therapy can help you maintain a strong and healthy body without compromising the health of your baby. Goals of pre- and postpartum rehab include, but are not limited to:

  • Improve core/hip/pelvic floor strength
  • Decrease low back pain
  • Decrease risk of urine leakage due to strained pelvic floor muscles
  • Maintain safe aerobic activity
  • Education on safe body mechanics and positions
  • Return to pre-pregnancy level of function.

What Pick PT Does to Help

Our specialized clinicians at Pick PT will perform an in-depth assessment and evaluations to determine the best course of treatment to improve your overall pre/postpartum health. They will be able to identify musculoskeletal dysfunctions of the core and pelvic region and will determine the best interventions to help you remain strong and healthy. Issues may arise as a result of childbirth, but it is our goal to ensure that you have the tools to resume a normal and healthy lifestyle while you embrace the joy of having participated in bringing a newborn child into this world!

Postpartum Rehabilitation FAQs

I am experiencing urine leakage after having a baby, is that normal?

Pregnancy can change the urinary control abilities for one-third to one-half of women who have given birth, so if you’re struggling with urine leaking then you’re definitely not alone. There are many types of urinary incontinence including stress, urge, functional, and mixed incontinence. Stress and urge incontinence are most common in women postpartum due to increased pressure on the muscles of the pelvic region. This can be effectively treated with physical therapy, but it is important that you speak with your doctor about this concern to ensure there isn’t another reason behind your incontinence (i.e. nerve damage, organ prolapse, etc.)

Should I do Physical Therapy during before giving birth?

The short answer is YES! Physical Therapy can help you maintain a strong and healthy body throughout the course of your pregnancy all while maintaining the health and safety of your growing baby. Prepartum Physical Therapy can help you with a quicker postpartum recovery and help minimize issues associated with pelvic floor strain during childbirth.

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