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One thing that many of us can take advantage of is when our body is working properly and allows us to do all of the things we want to do. Such as running, working out, hiking, playing with our kids, sports, and day to day life activities. It’s when we start experiencing aches and pains when we do certain activities that we realize how great our bodies really are. When you are experiencing pain or recovering from an injury, you look forward to getting back to your enjoying your life. At Pick PT we want to help you get back to your normal life and back to the activities that you life to do. Our physical therapists are experienced, trained, and have compassion for what you are experiencing. We want to help you get your body to function properly so that you can live life moving! 

Reasons You May Go to Physical Therapy

Pain Management

We can help with the management of acute or chronic pain conditions. Our therapists employ various techniques, exercises, and modalities to alleviate pain and improve overall comfort.

Rehabilitation After Surgery

Postoperative rehabilitation is a common reason for seeking physical therapy. Whether recovering from joint replacement, orthopedic surgery, or other procedures, physical therapists create tailored programs to aid in the healing process and restore functionality.

Injury Recovery

Individuals recovering from sports injuries, fractures, sprains, or strains often turn to physical therapy. Our physical therapists design rehabilitation plans to promote healing, prevent further injuries, and optimize the return to physical activities.

Improving Mobility and Flexibility

With our help physical therapy can help enhance mobility and flexibility, addressing issues such as stiffness, joint limitations, or difficulties in movement. This is beneficial for individuals with conditions like arthritis or those looking to improve overall flexibility.

Management of Chronic Conditions

Physical therapy plays a vital role in managing chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or degenerative disc disease. Therapists work to alleviate symptoms, improve function, and enhance the quality of life for individuals with chronic health issues.

Prevention of Injuries

Engaging in physical therapy proactively can help prevent injuries, especially for individuals involved in sports or physical activities. We can assess biomechanics, identify potential risks, and design exercise programs to enhance strength and prevent injuries.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Individuals with neurological conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease benefit from physical therapy to improve mobility, coordination, and balance. Therapists employ specialized techniques to address neurological challenges.

Postural Improvement

Poor posture can contribute to musculoskeletal issues and discomfort. Physical therapy interventions focus on correcting posture, strengthening supportive muscles, and preventing related problems.

Balance and Coordination Improvement

Physical therapy is instrumental in addressing balance and coordination issues, which can be especially relevant for older adults or individuals recovering from injuries affecting these aspects.

Sports Medicine

Physical therapy can help athletes reach their full athletic potential by preparing and stretching the body to perform in the best and safest way possible. Therapy trains muscles to move correctly and strengthens them to reach full capability. With sports medicine, you can not only rehabilitate an injury, but you can also prevent serious injury from ever occurring.

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Physical therapy is beneficial for women during pregnancy and postpartum. Therapists address musculoskeletal changes, provide exercises to alleviate discomfort, and assist in recovery after childbirth.

The reasons that are listed above are some of the common reasons that people choose to go to physical therapy but it is not a comprehensive list. There are a lot more reasons that you may find yourself seeking physical therapy to help your body get back to its normal state. If you aren’t sure if we would be able to help you, reach out to our team to see what we can do for you!

What to Expect From Physical Therapy 

Once you have made the decision to come to see us at Pick PT, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your treatment. For whatever reason you are coming to physical therapy, you will see one of our professional and experienced physical therapists. They will work with you to find out what you are experiencing and what you are hoping to achieve. From there they will create a customized plan for you to reach your end goals. Each individual will have a different plan that varies in frequency, exercises, and goals. The plan can be changed at any time if needed.

Choose Pick PT Idaho Falls 

There are a lot of things that you can do for your body in order to keep it healthy and functioning to the best of its abilities. But there is still a chance that at some point in your life, you will experience some type of health concerns. Whether it is an injury, surgery, body pain, sports medicine, or anything else that your body may experience, it can be truly frustrating and overwhelming. At Pick PT, we are ready to help you get through any of those unfortunate situations. Our physical therapists are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable when it comes to the body and the way it recovers. We want to help you on your way to recovery and guide you through the process. If you have any questions about how we can help you, call us to see how we are able to help you. Our goal is to get you feeling good again so you can live life moving! 

This place was fantastic! I dealt with some abnormal back pain for quite a while before finally deciding to visit a physical therapist. Dr. Cordell Pickering was very friendly and helped me to get my back feeling better while providing plenty of resources and help along the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Pickering for any sort of back problems.

Nathan J.

Less than two months ago, I was having intense lower back pain. This was due to a condition I have known as psoriatic arthritis. I was in so much pain, I went to a pain specialist in Idaho Falls, where they had planned to give me an epidural to help with the swelling in my back. Having a long needle in my back for 10 minutes kind of freaked me out and I didn’t go thru with it. That was November of 2019. So instead, I chose to go to Doctor Pickering who taught me what I needed to do to strengthen my back muscles. After two weeks of physical therapy at PickPT, my back problems were practically gone. I wanted to minimize the change of ever needing an injection, and decided to continue seeing Doctor Pickering. For months, I have been nearly pain free in my lower back!

Casey G.

I went to Pick PT after having surgery. I was able to heal quickly and met all of my goals to getting back to normal! The staff is so friendly and they know what they are doing! Doctor Pickering did an amazing job of pushing me to get better while also making sure I was never in pain. If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Paige M.


Do I need a doctor referral to schedule a visit?

Most individuals are able to have access to physical therapy without a referral. But for some health insurance plans it may require a referral to cover the costs of the physical therapy. If you are unsure give us a call and we will contact your insurance to find out.

Is physical therapy painful?

The ultimate objective for most of our patients is pain relief.  Hands-on techniques also known as manual manipulations and modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and heat or cold therapy are used to achieve your personal therapy goals. Some patients experience pain during these visits. Retraining an injury, or regaining range of motion after a surgery requires stretching that can be uncomfortable. Just as going to the gym and targeting a muscle can result in soreness, physical therapy can also lead to sore muscles. It is important for our patients to verbally communicate to the therapist the severity, duration and exact location of the pain they are experiencing. Treatment plans can be adjusted accordingly. We do not find pleasure in inflicting pain on our patients, but we do find pleasure in seeing results and for you to be able to return to the activities of daily living.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Be sure to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Loose fitting gym attire is best. If you have a knee injury, shorts are recommended. If you have a shoulder injury, a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top is preferred so the therapist has access to the injured area. During your appointment you will be performing a number of exercises and stretches so please do not wear dress clothes or high heels. Athletic shoes are required for some machines. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions about what is appropriate.

How long will each session be?

Each session can be expected to range from 60-75 minutes. The first visit may take longer due to the need for an initial assessment and paperwork to be filled out prior to treatment.

How often will I come to Physical Therapy?

Your personal care plan will be based on the recommendation of your doctor and your physical therapist. The average physical therapy schedule is 1-3 times per week. Frequency will depend upon the extent of the injury. If it is recommended for you to come multiple times a week, you can schedule appointments as far in advance as your schedule allows. This will make it easier for us to accommodate the times that work best for you. Our office has extended hours on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in an effort to treat even our busiest working class patients.

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